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Wofai JE


Burgeoning Creative Producer and established model, Wofai specialises in visuals and aesthetics, stemming from his fashion background. With a focus on executive acumen, bid writing and script dissection, he is passionate about interdisciplinary projects that push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

"Labels can bring understanding and clarity, their only problem is their imprecision. Tick as many boxes as you feel moved to and never limit yourself to be only the expectations others put on you"

Executive Director at Initiative.dkf, he was hand-picked for the YV Springboard scheme after taking part in the Introduction to Directing Programs (2016).

Notable experience includes: outdoor piece Scalped 3 city tour (2019), Melanin Box Festival (2018/2015); China Plate Optimists (2017); AD at VAULT Festival (2017); UpShot #50Uprise (short film: From Behind Us) et al

Preferred pronouns: he/him/his


EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Fragments Of A Complicated Mind, Theatre503, 2 weeks, 2020

EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Scalped, Brighton Festival & GDIF & SIRF (national tour), 3 days, 2019

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Fragments Of A Complicated Mind, Omnibus & Theatre503, 4 days, 2018

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, Sweet Like Chocolate Boy, Brockley Jack, 2 weeks, 2018

EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Melanin Box Festival. Theatre Peckham, 2 days, 2018

EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Scalped (R&D), Pauline Quirke Academy, 1 day, 2018

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Q, VAULT Festival, 1 day, 2017

EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Melanin Stages, Hackney Showroom, 1 day, 2016

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Still Barred, The Albany Deptford, 1 day, 2016

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Attachments, Primo Bar, 1 day, 2016

DIRECTOR, Mess, Wenlock & Essex, 1 day, 2016

EXECUTIVE & CREATIVE PRODUCER, Melanin Box Festival, CLF Art Café, 3 days, 2015


Stage Management (2020) - Part Of The Main
The Optimists (2017) - China Plate
Intro to Directing pt. 2 (2016) - Young Vic
Springboard (2016) - Young Vic
Intro to Directing (2016) - Young Vic




2-5 years

What I do

  • Devising
  • Dramaturgy
  • Music - Singing
  • Performance Art
  • Physical Theatre / Mime

Additional Languages

Intermediate French, some Igbo, some Yoruba, some Italian