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Poppy Rowley


Poppy is a Theatre Director who makes work to entertain, agitate, challenge and unite. She believes theatre can bring groups together and that sharing stories can change our society - productions should connect to the people and places they perform to. She incorporates movement work in her rehearsal process and has dramaturgical skills.

Her production of Grounded by George Brant, at the Adelaide Fringe 2019 won the Graham F Smith Peace Award, Adelaide Critics Circle Award, the Sunday Mail Best Solo Show and The Advertiser Life Imitates Art Award. She was shortlisted for the RTST Sir Peter Hall Award 2019 and is currently developing 'Daisy Is Fine', a production exploring grief through clown, aerial and puppetry. She was Artistic Associate for Eastern Angles from 2015-17.

Poppy is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids and her pronouns are she/her.


DIRECTOR, Tuesday, ArtsDepot/NT Connections, 2020
DIRECTOR, Grounded, Holden Street Theatres, 3 weeks, 2020
DIRECTOR, F*cking A, Fourth Monkey, 1 week, 2019
DIRECTOR, Daisy Is Fine (WT), Jacksons Lane, R&D sharing, 2019
DIRECTOR, Grounded, Holden Street Theatres, 3 weeks, 2019
DIRECTOR, Pramkicker, Melbourne Meatmarket, 1 week, 2018
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, That's A Fact That's Not Fun, Holden Street Theatres, 2 weeks, 2018
DIRECTOR, All Wrapped Up In Westwood, The Undercroft, 2 weeks, 2017
DIRECTOR, The Trials Of Mary, Various, 1 week, 2017
DIRECTOR, The Fletton Railway Children, The Undercroft, 2 weeks, 2016
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Ground, The Undercroft, 1 week, 2016
DIRECTOR, Future Floodlands, Peterborough Cathedral, 1 week, 2016
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Boys Will Be Boys, Bush Hall, 3 weeks, 2016
DIRECTOR, Nativity Blues, The Undercroft, 2 weeks, 2015
DIRECTOR, Only Forever, Hope Theatre, 3 weeks, 2015
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Chicken, Roundabout, 3 weeks, 2015
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Interventionists, Lyric Hammersmith, 2015
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Borrowers, New Vic Theatre, 9 weeks, 2015


International Summer School, ArtHAUS.Berlin, Jul 2019
NT Directors course, NT Studio, Sep 2017
Clore Emerging Leaders Course, Mar 2017
Birkbeck Directors course, 2012-2014




2-5 years

What I do

  • Devising
  • Dramaturgy
  • Street Theatre

Additional Languages