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Agnieszka Blonska

Director Dramaturg Performer

I (she/her) am a Polish - British theatre director , dramaturg and performer who have worked in both countries as an independent artist and in collaboration with theatre companies and venues such as Wildworks, Powszechny Theatre, Theatre Institute in Warsaw, National Theatre Studio, Soho Theatre, Circomedia, Hall For Cornwall and Theatre Bristol.

In my practice I am particularly interested in subjects of identity, social change and personal stories in relation to society. I use a variety of forms including participatory and performative theatre exploring the boundaries of traditional drama and play. I usually work with devising and improvisation techniques, often examining deconstruction and non-linear approach to performance.

I am an Associate Artist at Hall For Cornwall and work as a lecturer at Falmouth University. In 2008 I was nominated to the Arts Foundation Award for Young Theatre Directors.

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DIRECTOR, 'Diably' (Devils), based on motifs from Mother Joan of Angels by J. Iwaszkiewicz, dramaturgy: J. Wichowska; Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, Poland; length of run - it is in rep and is ongoing (both live and online); premiere: 2019

DIRECTOR, 'Polish Vermin', devised in collaboration with P. Kujawska, M. Iwanowski and B. Bower; Ferment Bristol Old Vic, Arnolfini, Newlyn Art Gallery, FEAST and Kneehigh Theatre, UK and Festival Happy City/Atlas of Transitions at Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, Poland; length of run: 3 shows; premiere: 2017

DIRECTOR, 'The Trial' by S. Berkoff adapted from F. Kafka, AMATA Performance Centre, Acting 3rd year’s production, Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK; length of run: 2 shows; premiere: 2018

DIRECTOR 'Mefisto' (Mephisto), inspired by K. Mann’s novel and a film by I. Szabo Mephisto, dramaturgy J. Wichowska; Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, Poland; length of run - it is in rep and is ongoing; premiere: 2017

CO-DIRECTOR with Roza Sarkisian, 'Mij Did kopav, Mij Batko kopav, a ja ne budu' (My Grandad was digging, My Dad was digging, and I won’t), dramaturgy J. Wichowska and D. Levitsky; Gogolfest, Kiev, Ukraine, Ukraine and Polish tour; length of run: various shows between 2016 - 2017

DIRECTOR, 'Seamas Carey Meets His 4 Year Old Self, With a Choir', musical directors: Seamas Carey and Victoria Abbott; Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, UK and UK tour; length of run: various shows between 2016 - 2019

DIRECTOR, 'Praskie Si-Fi' (Praga’s Sci-Fi), dramaturgy J. Wichowska; Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, Poland; length of run: in rep between 2016 - 2017

DIRECTOR, 'Rape. Voices', dramaturgy S. Chutnik; produced by Association STER and Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, Poland; length of run: in rep between 2015 - 2017

DIRECTOR, (F.E.A.R.), a devised solo performance in collaboration with Gareth Clark; Experimentica Festival, Cardiff, UK and UK tour; 3 weeks run in Edinburgh in 2017; length of run: various shows between 2015 - 2018


2006-2007 Drama Directing, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
2003-2004 School of Physical Theatre, London (based on Lecoq's Method)
2000-2001 The Gildia Project, New World Performance Laboratory (based on Grotowski's Method)
1999-2001 The Academy of Theatre Practices, Gardzienice, Poland
1996-2003 Ma in Applied Social Sciences, Anthropology of Culture, University of Warsaw, Poland

2009 theatre directing with Katie Mitchell, National Theatre Studio, London, UK
2008 theatre directing with Ian Rickson, the ex-artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre in London, UK
2007 theatre workshop with Bill Mitchell, the ex-artistic director of Wildworks Theatre and Kneehigh Theatre, UK




10+ years

Art forms / Disciplines

  • Comedy
  • Dance
  • Live art
  • Multi-disciplinary / cross art form
  • New technologies / digital
  • Theatre / Live perfomance

What I do

  • Curating
  • Devising
  • Directing
  • Dramaturgy
  • Facilitating
  • Outdoor performance
  • Performance Art
  • Performing
  • Physical Theatre / Mime
  • Site Responsive/Immersive
  • Street Theatre
  • Teaching / Coaching
  • Theatre making
  • Verbatim theatre
  • Working with young people
  • Working within a Community / with community participants
  • Workshopping & Development

Additional Languages