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A paid opportunity to direct a fully supported production in the Clare Theatre

The Genesis Future Directors Award enables us to identify, support and nurture a director to explore their craft and stage a production in the Clare Theatre. The Award is aimed at emerging directors who have demonstrated a talent for, and commitment to, directing but have had limited opportunity to make work.

The recipient of the Award will have the opportunity to rehearse for four weeks on a play of their choice. The director can work with up to three actors and a full creative team. The production is part of the Young Vic's programme and is fully supported by the Young Vic's creative, administrative and production teams. The project concludes with 12 performances to a paying audience in the Clare Theatre. There are two Awards per year and these opportunities are advertised through the Genesis Network.

Recent Genesis Future Directors Award recipients include:

  • Annie Kershaw, 2024
  • Andrea Ling, 2023
  • Deirdre McLaughlin, 2022
  • Diyan Zora, 2021
  • Dadiow Lin, 2019
  • Caitriona Shoobridge, 2019
  • Lekan Lawal, 2018
  • Debbie Hannan, 2018
  • John R. Wilkinson, 2017
  • Nancy Medina, 2017
  • Luke Skilbeck, 2016
  • Bryony Shanahan, 2016
  • Ola Ince, 2015
  • Rikki Henry, 2015
  • Tinuke Craig, 2014
  • Finn Beames, 2014
  • Matthew Xia, 2013
  • Ben Kidd, 2012

The Genesis Future Directors Award Program is made possible by the generous support of the Genesis Foundation.