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Our events might include:

Creative Workshops

A range of workshops are led by both our core team and outside practitioners. Past practitioners include Lyndsey Turner, Sacha Wares, Mathieu Ajan, Moi Tran and Zoe Svendsen.

Explore Workshops

Explore workshops will be a place to test ideas through collaboration. Artists will be invited to observe and contribute to the research and development of our future projects, enabling them to be part of cutting-edge digital and hybrid digital/life developments.  

Peer-led Projects

We encourage all members of the Genesis Network to suggest events. These can be one off workshops or ongoing projects tailored to the needs of a specific group. They have included documenting live performance, introduction to podcasting, working with music and song in hybrid and digital theatre. If you would like to suggest a project please contact us at

Making Clinics

Many artists produce their own work during the early stages of their careers. Our clinics cover key subjects such as fundraising, obtaining rights, producing, casting and taking work to Edinburgh. 

Research and Development

Throughout the year, we offer a day or half a day of R&D to directors who have an idea/project at an early stage of development that needs a kick start. We provide travel expenses for each practitioner taking part as well as administrative resources if needed.  


This week-long workshop is specifically aimed at artists with less than eighteen months' experience and offers a broad overview of the making work. The sessions are designed around the interests of the group and explore both live and digital theatre and storytelling.   

Introduction to Making

Designed to address the lack of diversity amongst the theatre community, this scheme encourages young adults who are Black, from the Global Majority or are working class artists to consider making theatre as a viable career choice.  

Free and Subsidised Tickets

We offer free/discounted tickets to all our shows, and organise discussions around Young Vic productions. 


All Creators Program events, workshops and creative activity is made possible by